Albert Herring

The Guardian by Dr Flora Willson


“An irresistible Albert Herring.”

“…this Buxton production is all about comic details.”

“…brought to life by consistently excellent acting and some good singing, too.”

“Best of the lot was Bradley Smith’s Albert Herring, who managed a convincing transition from painfully awkward mummy’s boy to man of the world… and whose featherweight tenor gained expressive heft as his character’s confidence grew.”

“As Lady B, Yvonne Howard was a true uber-matron, with an irresistible repertoire of grimaces to boot; her housekeeper Florence Pike (Lucy Schaufer) boasted a rich, densely packed mezzo and a powerful stage presence;”

Morgan Pearse and Kathryn Rudge were thoroughly charming as lovers Sid and Nancy; and RCM student Sophie Gallagher impressed as Emmie, one of the opera’s several “child” roles.”

“In the pit, Justin Doyle provided an enthusiastic, no-nonsense reading of Britten’s deceptively simple score…”

“…the Northern Chamber Orchestra providing seductive woodwind solos and fine ensemble playing alike.”