Joanne Harris – #storytime CANCELLED

Paul Marshall, keyboards; vocals; guitar; Kevin Harris drums; vocals; percussion; Matt Cundy bass; effects; Joanne Harris flute; vocals

We regret this event has now been cancelled

Joanne Harris, bestselling author of Chocolat, joins forces with the Storytime Band, for a unique live show featuring tales from her book Honeycomb, along with original music and songs, written and performed by Joanne and the band of which she has been a member since she was at college. This show (which premiered last year in London’s King’s Place as part of the Tête-à-Tête festival) is intimate, engaging, quirky and darkly magical, appealing to audiences of all ages, but especially lovers of folklore, fantasy and fairytale.


20 July 2017


9.00pm  - 10.30pm




Pavilion Café

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