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Life in a Cult

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In conversation with Rod Dubrow-Marshall

Dr Lois Kendall, a leading author and researcher on people born and raised in sects, will talk about her new book Born and Raised in a Sect – You are Not Alone. What is it like to grow up in a strict sect or new religion and what is the potential impact on child and adolescent development? What are the risks and vulnerabilities associated with maltreatment and abuse in certain sects or high demand groups and how do children and young people manage to leave such sects and what happens to them afterwards? Lois Kendall is a passionate advocate in promoting a greater understanding of the effects of growing up in sects and the recovery process for former ‘second generation’ sect members. Her book shines an important light on the support that people need in building their lives outside of the sect and in healing from the harm that such sects can inflict.

Professor Rod Dubrow-Marshall PhD, MBPsS, is a psychologist, writer and educationalist with research interests including cults and extremist groups, organisational healthiness and education, health and social policy and he has co-created the MSc Psychology of Coercive Control at the University of Salford. A former University Deputy and Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean, Rod was a member of the Preston Guild 2012 Advisory Board, Chairs the Board of the Preston Guild Link Charity and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Buxton Festival.


19 July 2017


9.00am  - 10.00am




Pavilion Gardens Boardroom

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