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Northern Chamber Orchestra Brass Ensemble Matthew Morley, organ

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Gabrieli in Venice

Gabrieli Canzoni/ Canzon VI @7
Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae / Canzon I @4 La Spiritata
Frescobaldi Toccata avanti la messa della Domenica (Fiori musicale)
Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae/ Canzon septimi toni @8 / i (C171)
Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae/ Canzon III @4
Frescobaldi Recercar sesto sopra fa, fa , sol, la, fa  (Primo libro di recercari e canzoni)
Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae/ Canzon septimi toni @8 / ii (C172)
Sweelinck Meines junge leben
Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae/ Sonata pian’e forte @8
Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae / Canzon II @4
Frescobaldi Toccata sesta per l’organo sopra i pedale, e senza – (secondo libro)
Gabrieli Canzoni/ Canzon I @5
Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae / Canzon noni toni @8
Frescobaldi Toccata cromathica per l’Elevatione (Fiori musicale)
Gabrieli Sacrae Symphoniae/ Canzon duodecimi toni @8
Gabrieli Canzoni/ Canzon IX @8

The acoustic and ambience of St John’s Church in Buxton whilst warm, sensitive and gratifying for string quartets and harp and guitar music, cries out for music in the Venetian style created by Giovanni Gabrieli, music that defines the period between the Renaissance and the Baroque in the latter half of the 16th century. Venetian born, Gabrieli became organist and composer of the wonderful St Mark’s Basilica, and his large output for Brass with his inspired spatial separation of differing groups laid the ground for the Baroque concertato style. This programme features the NCO Brass, and Matthew Morley at the organ with some of Gabrieli’s most well known works, along with music from his contemporary Jan Sweelinck for organ solo. It is unfailingly music to inspire, excite and in which to bask unashamedly. Matthew Morley is the Festival’s Chorus Master but also Assistant Director of Music and Organist at St Bride’s, Fleet Street in London.

Co-produced with Orchestras Live


13 July 2017


3.15pm  - 4.15pm




St John’s Church

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