Peter Hennessy & David Goodhart

The Road to Somewhere

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‘David Goodhart’s provocative take on the UK’s new tribal divisions is sure to become a private manual on Mrs May’s brand of conservatism’, says Andrew Marr in the New Statesman.

Why were The Establishment in Britain and America caught so badly off guard in the Brexit vote and the Trump election? Are policies of social and economic liberalism at varience with the views of the ‘real’ British and American public, creating a societal schism between the mobile ‘achieved’ identity of the people from ‘Anywhere’, and the marginalised, roots-based identity of the people from ‘Somewhere’. Goodhart talks to Peter Hennessy about this Populist Revolt and the Future of Politics.


11 July 2017


9.00am  - 10.00am




St John's Church

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