The English Concert

Nadja Zwiener, violin; Lisa Beznosiuk, flute; Alfonso Leal del Ojo, viola; Joseph Crouch, cello

Haydn Flute Quartet, Hob II
Mozart (after Bach) Adagio and fugue
Mozart Flute quartet No 3 in C, K285b
JC Bach Flute quartet in C, WB 58
Mozart (after Bach) Adagio and fugue
Mozart Flute quartet no 1 in D, K285

The illustrious soloists of the English Concert, not so often heard in more intimate chamber music, step out of the pit for Lucio Silla with a programme chosen from the wunderkind’s shower of graceful chamber works, at a time when Mozart was disillusioned with his situation in Salzburg but inspired by his acquaintance with the virtuosi of the famous Mannheim Orchestra. His music in this form is full of galanterie but effortlessly inventive melodically, and gratefully acknowledging Papa Haydn’s fertility of imagination and innovative gesture. It is music that flows with ease and enchantment when the composer’s life was uneasy and full of doubts about future employment.


11 July 2017


7.30pm  - 9.30pm




St John's Church

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