7th to 23rd July 2017

A happy marriage of opera, music and books - 00 days to go!

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Melvyn Bragg

Now Is The Time
About the event

Melvyn Bragg talks about his gripping historical novel, Now Is The Time, described by The Times as ‘a vivid and surprisingly tender tribute to one of the wildest moments in Plantagenet history’. Now Is The Time is set in 1381 when a vast force of common people – led by Walter Tyler and the priest John Ball – marched on London, protesting against unfair taxes, the corruption of those in power, and the unacceptable wealth of the Church. The Peasants’ Revolt was the biggest rebellion in English history, and for about three intense, violent weeks, it looked as if they would sweep all before them. The novel is a powerful re-telling of this extraordinary episode and captures all the drama, passion, patriotism and anger of that time.


Friday 18 November


12 noon

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Pavilion Arts Centre

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