7th to 23rd July 2017

A happy marriage of opera, music and books - 00 days to go!

Box Office: 01298 72190

Music Series

Event Details
Paul Lewis Paul Lewis, piano
The Brodsky Quartet Daniel Rowland, violin
Ian Belton, violin
Jacqueline Thomas, cello
Paul Cassidy, viola
Raphael Wallfisch & John York Raphael Wallfisch, cello
John York, piano
Melvyn Tan Melvyn Tan, piano
Christian Blackshaw Christian Blackshaw, piano
Quatuor Mosaïques Erich Höbarth, violin
Andrea Bischof, violin
Anita Mitterer, viola
Christophe Coin, cello
Scenes from an Opera – Lucio Silla
Joo Yeon Sir & Irina Andrievsky Joo Yeon Sir, violin
Irina Andrievsky, piano
Erich Höbarth & Susan Tomes Erich Höbarth, violin
Susan Tomes, piano
Scenes from an Opera – Macbeth
Joanne Harris – #storytime Paul Marshall, keyboards; vocals; guitar
Kevin Harris, drums; vocals; percussion
Matt Cundy, bass; effects
Joanne Harris, flute; vocals
Scenes from an Opera – Albert Herring
Imogen Cooper Imogen Cooper, piano
Sarah Connolly & Joseph Middleton Sarah Connolly, mezzo soprano
Joseph Middleton, piano
Digby Fairweather’s Half Dozen

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