Write the drama of your life, Archers star tells audience

Fans of BBC radio soap opera The Archers have been urged to write the story of their own daily lives to pass on to their grandchildren.

Actor Tim Bentinck came to Buxton International Festival’s Book Weekend to talk about his autobiography, Being David Archer, the character he has voiced for 35 years.

He revealed that he had already written 25,000 words of the book just as a record for his family before anyone even suggested publishing it.

His own father, the pioneer of environmental activism the Earl of Portland, had started to do the same but died before he could finish it.

“Go ahead and write your story for your grandchildren because your stories are just as interesting as mine,” said Tim, who recently starred in the TV drama The Last Post.

Tim’s father worked as a cowboy in California, a jackaroo on a sheep farm in Tasmania, was a conscientious objector turned war hero and fought a legal battle to claim the title of Earl of Portland only because it gave him a platform to fight for environmental causes in the House of Lords.

He also worked as a BBC producer and advertising executive, coining the slogan “Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes.”