Past Winners

2015 Winners

Open Category:
First Prize: Aly Stoneman

Second Prize: David Wilson
Third Prize: Joe Caldwell
Highly Commended: Gillian Knibbs
Commended: Helen Storey

Youth Category:

First Prize: Nat Norland
Second Prize: Tia Owen
Third Prize: Lucy Thomas
Highly Commended:  Elysia Wright
Commended: Jordan Raisbeck

Children’s Category:

First Prize: Dolores Hope
Commended: Anastasia Torubarova
Second Prize: Frances Purdy
Third Prize: Fiona Morrison
Highly Commended: Niamh Macpherson

Buxton Poetry Competition Anthology 2015

2014 Winners:

Open Category Winners:

1st Prize: Wendy Klein – Aunt Ruby’s Twisters
2nd Prize: Noel Connor – Dawros Bay
3rd Prize: Heather Cook – After The Storm
Highly Commended: Andy Hickmott – Moonshot

Youth Category Winners:

1st Prize: Katherine Marrow – River

Children’s Category Winners:

1st Prize: Beth Walker Mackay – Through the dark the owl takes flight

Buxton Poetry Competition 2014 – Winning Poems

2013 Winners:

Open Category Winners:

First Prize: Matt Black – Where candle-nights flicker
Second Prize: Joseph Caldwell – Different Routes
Third Prize: Helen Lawrenson – Ann Malloch at Mains of Ruffel, 1883
Highly Commended: Lyn Browne – Self-heal
Commended: Susan Wallace – The eleventh hour

Children’s Category Results:

First Prize: Isaac Taylor- Nursery Crimes
Second Prize: Jordan Raisbeck – Henry III
Third Prize: Katie Wheatley – The man with a moon tan
Highly Commended: Jacob Mallam – The Final Battle
Commended: Jake Willetts – Dinosaurs

Young People’s Category Results:

First Prize: Hannah Rodger – Ancient Oak
Second Prize: Jessica Frost – Someone Like Me
Third Prize: Daniel Howell – History is Circular
Highly Commended: Imogen Childs – Yesterday’s Wales
Commended: Rosie Coope – On the Turn of The Wheel

2012 Winners:

Open Category:

First Prize: Gill Learner
Second Prize: Lesley Saunders
Third Prize: Rod Whitworth
Highly Commended: Pam Brunskill
Commended: Yvonne Green

Youth Category:

First Prize: Pedr Davies
Second Prize: Jessica Laslett
Third Prize: Hannah Rodger
Highly Commended: Katharina Dixon-Ward
Commended: Philip Jennings

Children’s Category:

First Prize: Jennika Bates
Second Prize: Aislinn Wilkie
Third Prize: Ben Breeze
Highly Commended: Alicia Stalker
Commended: Martha Conway

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