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Past Winners

Buxton Poetry Competition 2015  – winners announced!


Open Category – First Prize 
Aly Stoneman

Father, you pelted our legs with tiny windfall apples
when we looked for you at dusk. You would not recognize
the orchard now; a storm felled the old Bramley and Pippin,
we lost Browns and Discovery to voles, root-nibblers,
that long cold year the Crimson King rotted, crashed down.

Hard green apples bounced like raindrops, raised
bruises as we chased and hollered. You knew where
the robin nested, prime locations of knots and hollows,
you lifted me up to see, it was you made me flinch.
You watched Exeter burn when you were five.

Father, you came from a time hard as windfalls,
territorial as birdsong. When we buried you,
Spring sunshine fell through bare branches,
sheep bleating in orchards beyond the churchyard walls.
If you walked in now, you wouldn’t know us.

Second Prize – David Wilson
Third Prize – Joe Caldwell
Highly Commended – Gillian Knibbs
Commended – Helen Storey

Youth Category
First Prize – Nat Norland
Second Prize – Tia Owen
Third Prize – Lucy Thomas
Highly Commended  –  Elysia Wright
Commended – Jordan Raisbeck

Children’s Category
First Prize – Dolores Hope
Commended – Anastasia Torubarova
Second Prize – Frances Purdy
Third Prize – Fiona Morrison
Highly Commended – Niamh Macpherson
Buxton Poetry Competition Anthology 2015

2014 Winners

Open Category Winners:
1st Prize – Wendy Klein – Aunt Ruby’s Twisters
2nd Prize – Noel Connor – Dawros Bay
3rd Prize – Heather Cook – After The Storm
Highly Commended – Andy Hickmott – Moonshot
Youth Category, 1st Prize – Katherine Marrow – River
Children’s Category, 1st Prize – Beth Walker Mackay – Through the dark the owl takes flight
Buxton Poetry Competition 2014 – Winning Poems


2013 Winners

Open Category Winners:
First Prize – Matt Black – Where candle-nights flicker
Second Prize – Joseph Caldwell – Different Routes
Third Prize – Helen Lawrenson – Ann Malloch at Mains of Ruffel, 1883
Highly Commended – Lyn Browne – Self-heal
Commended – Susan Wallace – The eleventh hour

Children’s Category Results:First Prize: Isaac Taylor- Nursery Crimes
Second Prize: Jordan Raisbeck – Henry III
Third Prize: Katie Wheatley – The man with a moon tan
Highly Commended: Jacob Mallam – The Final Battle
Commended: Jake Willetts – Dinosaurs

Young People’s Category Results:
First Prize: Hannah Rodger – Ancient Oak
Second Prize: Jessica Frost – Someone Like Me
Third Prize: Daniel Howell – History is Circular
Highly Commended: Imogen Childs – Yesterday’s Wales
Commended: Rosie Coope – On the Turn of The Wheel


2012 Winners

Open Category:
Gill Learner – First Prize
Lesley Saunders – Second Prize
Rod Whitworth – Third Prize
Pam Brunskill – Highly Commended
Yvonne Green – Commended

Youth Category:
First Prize – Pedr Davies
Second Prize – Jessica Laslett
Third Prize – Hannah Rodger
Highly Commended – Katharina Dixon-Ward
Commended – Philip Jennings

Children’s Category:
First Prize – Jennika Bates
Second Prize – Aislinn Wilkie
Third Prize – Ben Breeze
Highly Commended – Alicia Stalker
Commended – Martha Conway

Read all the shortlisted poems from 2012 here.

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