7th to 23rd July 2017

A happy marriage of opera, music and books - 00 days to go!

Box Office: 01298 72190


Date Time Event Name
Saturday 8 July 9am Jonathan Keates
Saturday 8 July 10.15am Margaret Hodge
Saturday 8 July 2.30pm Michael Haag
Saturday 8 July 4.30pm Carol Dyhouse
Sunday 9 July 2pm Martin Bell
Sunday 9 July 5pm Peter Conradi
Monday 10 July 2pm Christopher de Hamel
Monday 10 July 5pm Judith Mackrell
Tuesday 11 July 10.15am Paddy Ashdown
Tuesday 11 July 7.30pm Lucy Worsley
Wednesday 12 July 10.15am Philip Hook
Thursday 13 July 9am Sarah Churchwell & Rod Dubrow-Marshall
Thursday 13 July 10.15am Chris Patten
Thursday 13 July 2pm Richard Dannatt
Thursday 13 July 4.30pm John Julius Norwich
Friday 14 July 10.15am A N Wilson
Friday 14 July 2pm Nick Clegg
Saturday 15 July 9am Michael Pennington
Saturday 15 July 10.15am Federico Varese
Saturday 15 July 2pm Rory Stewart
Sunday 16 July 10am Julian Glover
Monday 17 July 2pm Jeremy Greenstock
Tuesday 18 July 10am Martin Pearce
Tuesday 18 July 2pm Stephen Anderton
Tuesday 18 July 4.30pm Kathryn Hughes
Wednesday 19 July 10.15am Tim Shipman
Thursday 20 July 10.15am David Crystal
Thursday 20 July 2pm Rev Richard Coles
Thursday 20 July 4pm Annie Gray
Thursday 20 July 9pm Joanne Harris – #storytime
Friday 21 July 2pm Peter Stanford
Friday 21 July 4pm Joanne Harris
Saturday 22 July 2pm Alan Johnson

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