8th to 24th July 2016

A happy marriage of opera, music and books - 00 days to go!

Box Office: 01298 72190

Buxton Festival Foundation

Buxton Festival Foundation was established as a separate Trust in 2002 to ensure the long-term stability and development of the Festival. The purpose of the Foundation is to grow an endowment fund able to provide a secure financial base as the Festival continues to develop the range and quality of our opera productions, Outreach projects and Young Artists Programme. This ensures future generations will be able to enjoy the Festival, while interest on the capital can be used to support the Festival now.

Donations to the endowment fund are by legacy (or by cash gifts from donors specifically wishing to have a strategic long-term impact).

Buxton Festival Foundation Trustees

  • Ian Johnston CB (Chairman)
  • Jenny Ball
  • Jane Davies OBE
  • Louise Potter DL

For more information about the Foundation, contact Ian Johnston via the Festival office or mail to foundation@buxtonfestival.co.uk

Both legacies and donations to the endowment fund attract appropriate Gift Aid and Inheritance Tax reliefs; registered charity number 1096269. For legacies, click here. For donations to the Foundation, contact david.heugh@buxtonfestival.co.uk

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