7th to 23rd July 2017

A happy marriage of opera, music and books - 00 days to go!

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The Bogsby Society

Leaving a legacy gift to Buxton Festival gives you the opportunity to make a lasting impact on this wonderful Festival, ensuring its continued development for years to come. In recognition of your commitment and generosity we would like to invite you to join The Bogsby Society, named after Mary, Queen of Scots nickname for Buxton “La Fontagne de Bogsby“. As a member, you’ll be listed in our publications (although you may choose to remain anonymous) and be invited to an annual special event for the society. We encourage anyone who has left a legacy gift to Buxton Festival to contact us as we would like to thank you.

Legacy gifts can take the form of cash, shares or property. You can leave an unrestricted legacy which can be used where the need is greatest, or by specifying those aspects of the Festival that you are passionate about and reflect your interests. If you would like to discuss the different areas that you can support, please contact our Executive Director, Randall Shannon: randall.shannon@buxtonfestival.co.uk.

If you wish to remember Buxton Festival in your will, please consult your solicitor. If you have already written a will but would now like to leave a gift to Buxton Festival, this can be achieved by the simple addition of a codicil which allows you to include new instructions without having to rewrite the whole will.


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